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Dishwasher safe and remotely re-energized, The Glowstone savvy mug 2 saves your beverage at the ideal temperature for an additional hour. The fine bone china mug begins to shine when the mug is working and holds your beverage at its ideal temperature of 145F. The shrewd innovation makes it completely programmed and even switches itself off when it distinguishes your last taste. Simply make your hot beverage in your typical manner, then, at that point, pause for a moment or two and appreciate at your recreation.


Heat cycle: 60 minutes
Material: Porcelain - Fine bone china
Dishwasher safe
Capacity: 375ml (12.5 fl oz)
Weight 350g (12 oz)
Stain and scratch resistant
105mm x 80mm (heating cavity depth 23mm)
comes supplied with Qi wireless charger and power adapter


Does all the hard work for you

Intelligently detects when to turn on and off. Smart LED glows red when your drink is at the perfect drinking temperature.

Dishwasher safe

No special care needed. Stain and scratch resistant too. Treat it like any other household mug.

Pick up and go

The built-in self regulating heating module heats your beverage anywhere you need to be, whilst the base remains cool to the touch. Works straight out of the box.


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